Our Catering Menu

Whether you discovered us yesterday or have been a long-time fan, we thank you for trying Pembroke Bakery & Cafe. Sandwich options daily include (for carnivore cravings) sliced turkey, ham, chicken, and our chicken-apple salad. For vegans (and those choosing meatless today) we feature Heather’s Chickpea Salad, our own house-made hummus, and our signature baked tofu in several flavors. Occasionally we also have such special items as our own house-made vegan sausage, veggie burgers, falafel and other vegan protein options.

Catering Ideas Autumn 2013

5 thoughts on “Our Catering Menu”

  1. We visited Pembroke yesterday for the first time. We are gluten free and dairy free. We took soup to-go and both the Chili as well as the Beans and Rice were delicious! We also grabbed some chocolate chip cookies and fresh out of the oven brownies …also great! We are so excited to find a delicious gluten free option. We look forward to our next visit!

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