How Vegan are We?

Many of our items are vegan and gluten free. Just how much?

Baked Goods–All of our breads, bagels, rolls, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, donuts, and brownies are vegan. We use no butter, milk, eggs or any other animal product in any of our baked goods. We also make some items gluten-free, and happily accept special orders.  We use a soy-free rice milk, soy-free Earth Balance vegan margarine, and either golden-flaxseed or aquafaba (bean water) as our egg substitute.

Soups–All of our soups are made from scratch, so that we can be sure of the ingredients. We make a variety of vegan soups every day, and post them on our facebook page. Our most popular soups are Tuscan White Bean and Mustard Greens, Chili with Tofu and Beans, and Cuban Black Bean. Our soups are gluten-free, and are also usually soy-free as well.

Salads: We have a variety of organic greens, vegetables and fruits for salads, often featuring local produce found at one of our many farmer’s markets. We make our own homemade vegan herb vinaigrette  and Southwest 1000 Island. Folks can choose to add protein to their salads. We have Daiya, hummus, and chickpeas. For non-vegans we also have sliced chicken and turkey and dairy cheeses (but we encourage them to try the tofu).

Our sandwiches can be made vegan or non vegan. We offer a variety of toppings on our homemade breads, and any can be made into a panini.  We make most everything from scratch, including  our awesome smoked Applewood Tofu (the apple twigs are pruned from our own garden), and our Chickpea Salad sandwich is legendary. We make from scratch our own Blackbean burgers, Beet burgers, Cluck–our seitan and chickpea burger, and our own Corned Seitan. We  also offer our own homemade gluten-free, vegan breakfast sausage. (It kind of looks like a cookie, but tastes really amazing!).  For non-vegans we also have sliced chicken and turkey and dairy cheeses (but we encourage them to try the tofu). We make our own gluten-free sandwich bread in both regular and herb flavors.

We make hot chocolate, and have available soymilk, almond milk, and coconut milk, and also carry dairy milk in both whole and non-fat varieties.

Are we completely vegan? No, but we do have something yummy for everyone.

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